Bluetooth New-Gen Architecture

Market Update Report of Bluetooth is released recently and it brings many interesting facts and survey report. This survey report contains information about current market usage of Bluetooth in various sectors from automotive to your smart home. Overall it shows us that Bluetooth is taking over on most of our devices rapidly.

The most important and heavily paced industry is wireless audio. It shows that this segment is heavily affected by this amazing technology which revolutionized this decade with its wireless capability.

The report projects that in 2023, 90% of speakers in the market will have capability of Bluetooth. You can understand by this projection how much people are liking this technology in their speakers.

Moreover, the report suggests that these days 50% headphones that are sold in the market has Bluetooth chip inside it and 50% people are still using wired headphones, which is changing rapidly.

Almost 100% mobile phones, tablets, laptops and notebooks are coming equipped with Bluetooth chip. You can guess the demand of Bluetooth from these facts and how it made our lives wire free.

As there is rich demand of Bluetooth in audience, SIG systems is working hard on improving their technology and investing money in their research and development department.

They have announced that in coming a few months they will be releasing a new Bluetooth aurdio architecture probably in h2 2019.

New architecture will have more efficient codec which will result in higher quality playback. Improved and efficient codec will help audio products maker to provide more quality music streaming over Bluetooth. We can say after this release there will be substantial increase in the sound quality of portable speakers and wireless earbuds. Or all the audio related products.

New version will also provide decreased latency which is important for wireless gaming mouse and wireless gaming keyboard. According to them, this will be a game changer and it will bring whole new life to wireless devices that are powered by Bluetooth.

According to announcement we wont be able to see new products equipped with this next generation audio architecture until sometime in 2020.

This new version will be most beneficial for gaming niche because in gaming niche you need low latancy time to reponse. If the response time is higher its not beneficials. And current market products with Bluetooth technology still are not able to compete with wired devices. Lets take an example we were using pubg and our wireless keyboard reponse delay made our gaming experience worse. After the release of this new Bluetooth architecture which possess very low latancy rate we hope it can solve this problem for gaming niche.

Bluetooth is taking over the audio niche and its doing it rapidly. After the release of this new architecture we hope this speed will increase especially in gaming niche products.

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