Bluetooth Uses, Advantages, & Disadvantages

Bluetooth is important technology these days. Following are the uses of this technology.

Bluetooth is being used in smartwatches and fitness devices to sync health data between smartphones and health devices.

Its being used in data logging equipment that transmit data to computer via Bluetooth.

It is widely being used in computer peripherals to make them wireless. For example, computer mice and keyboards were made wireless because of Bluetooth. These days even Gaming Mice and Gaming Keyboards are being run by Bluetooth that need very low ping transfer rate. Thanks to Latest Bluetooth Chipsets.

Its also being used in WAN Connections.

It is used in PDA’s Personal Device Assistant.

It is also being used in printers to make possible wireless printing experience and get rid of those cables from your desk.

Bluetooth is also being used to transfer data files, images, and videos between devices. Most of people are transferring files between cell phones to share files easily without going through a difficult process.

Laptops and notebooks comes equipped with Bluetooth so you can connect any Bluetooth powered device to them. For example, if you want to connect wireless mouse to your notebook / laptop. While data transfer is also possible.

The major usage of this technology is in audio industry. With the advancement of latest Bluetooth versions, offering higher data transfer rates. Its possible to sync high quality music to a Bluetooth device. Companies have released Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth earphones to connect them with your mobile phones or other devices.

Advantages of Bluetooth

There is not any device available in the market these days which does not come with Bluetooth. The major important advantages are following.

Bluetooth uses less power consumption as compared to other wireless technology that’s the reason its being widely used in mobile device which comes equipped with mobile batteries. And they have limited amount of energy stored in them. For the purpose of saving energy brands are opting for Bluetooth.

It has better range than infrared connection. That’s the reason infrared is limited to remotes or other stuff. While Bluetooth is offering better range. Which means you wont need to stay closer to your target device.

Bluetooth is easily upgradeable as compared to other technologies.

The Bluetooth devices are easily available in lower cost. Because it costs less to the brands to embed in their devices.

Bluetooth is being widely adopted in many fields like cars, audio systems, printers, gps systems, web cams, keyboards, mice, headsets and many more.

There are also some of the disadvantages of this technology which are following.

Bluetooth connection is not much powerful in certain conditions so you can not rely on it completely.

Its security is easily hack able so its safe to say that its not the safest connection for secure networks.

It has limited range maximum of 400 feet which is quite low for certain conditions.

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