Bluetooth Overview

Bluetooth is one of the most important technology these days. It’s the reason you are able to connect your smartphones to Bluetooth speakers or connect wireless earbuds with smartphones, or you can transfer files wirelessly. Bluetooth revolutionized everything and it’s being used by everyone these days for most of their tech tasks. It’s amazing how it became very popular these days as compared to 20 years ago when it was invented.

Bluetooth was invented by Dr. Jaap Haartsen at Ericsson back in 1994. It was invented for short-range communication and for using less power as compared to other wireless technologies like WiFi and others.

Bluetooth was invented in 1994 and it was not quite popular in consumer products those days. The first phone with Bluetooth was invented in 2001.

The first consumer product was launched in 1999 and it hit the shelves in 2001, It was sony Ericsson t35 phone. It had the capacity of storing 1000 contacts. And had a monochrome display. Other features were also included like wap for the internet.

The first version of Bluetooth was called 1.0. it offered the top transfer rate 721 kbps and the range was only 10 meters. Originally this version was designed for only wireless voice calls that need less data transfer rates, not for music streaming which obviously needs higher transfer rates.

Bluetooth 1.0 was introduced in 1999. Offering maximum connect speed of .7Mbps and maximum 33 Feet Range.

Bluetooth 2.0 was introduced in 2004 with two versions. One was simple 2.0 and the 2nd one was called EDR. Simple 2.0 Bluetooth had a transfer rate of 1Mbps while EDR version had 3Mbps which was quite impressive in that time. The maximum range for this Bluetooth standard was 100 Feet.

Bluetooth took another leap in 2009 releasing Bluetooth 3.0 version also called HS Version. It offered 24 Mbps of peak transfer rate but the wireless range was similar to the older version at 100 feet.

Bluetooth 4.0 + LE was released in 2013, in this version the range was doubled from 100 feet to 200 feet. But speed was lower only 1Mbps. Actually, this version was developed for the purpose of using less energy.

In 2017, Bluetooth 5 was introduced with 800 feet of range and 2Mbps transfer rate.

Wrap up:

Originally Bluetooth was invented to replace RS-232 cables but we must say it transformed our lives with the help of making our most of devices wireless. These days, from gaming mice to music streaming portable speaker everything is using this technology to run. It truly changed how these gadgets worked and helped us to get rid of those cables which were getting wearied off after some time. It has given a new life to computer peripherals. It’s obvious to say there is not any device these days without Bluetooth chip inside it. Laptops, smartphones, computers, tablets, and unlimited more products come equipped with Bluetooth and aren’t considered complete without it.

The most useful for this Bluetooth is transferring data files in short-range, or streaming music to your Bluetooth speakers and many more.

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