Best Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are available in the market for a long time but recently they got a hype in the market and making them popular among people. In the older days, Bluetooth technology was not enough to produce good sound quality. But recently things in Bluetooth are advanced and 4.0 version was introduced giving higher transfer rate, and higher transfer rate data means it has ability to produce greater sound quality on our portable speakers.

It’s the fact that portable speaakers cant compete with the full home audio system but they are still good enough to taking them to campsite, party or some other place where you need your music with yourself.

People are using portable speaker for different uses, most of them are buying these portable Bluetooth speaakers for the purpose of taking them outdoor and enjoy their playlist on the go.

For particular needs, the market provides different kind of speakers in different kind of sizzes for everyones particular needs. We have tested more than 200 portable speakers and selected a few ones which aare best in quality and we think you wont regret buying them. They produces great surround sound, water proof and many more amazin features that you would need.

There are also smart portable Bluetooth speakers available in the market now a days, that can control your whole house connected devices with your voice commands. One of them is amazons echo.

Amazon Echo is a great smart portable Bluetooth speaker comes with various kind of great features that aare beneficial for every consumer, it produces 360 degree sound that fill whole room with its sound to every corner of room, rated with dolby sound you can trust this beast with your eyes closed.

Alexa is the amazons virtual assistant that comes with this device, you can ask alexa to play any song you like from 50 millions songs library of amazon. Or you can ask alexa to turn on lights of your room. Generally you can do anything with the connected devices with the help of alexa.

Anker Sound core flare Bluetooth speaker is another great affordable speaker in the market available. This is the best selling Bluetooth portable speaker available and there are the reason which make this model as one of the best, it produces a great sound quality in very small price, at the moment it costs round about 60 dollars on amazon which is very affordable price tag for such kind of quality speaker. This portable Bluetooth speaker is water proof so you can enjoy music at pool party without the fear of damaging this speaker with water.

There are great looking leds lights which lights according to your music. That makes these speaker great for using in the night time. We would suggest you to that if you are looking for a portable Bluetooth under 100 dollar this one is your best choice.

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