Bluetooth New-Gen Architecture

Market Update Report of Bluetooth is released recently and it brings many interesting facts and survey report. This survey report contains information about current market usage of Bluetooth in various sectors from automotive to your smart home. Overall it shows us that Bluetooth is taking over on most of our devices rapidly.

The most important and heavily paced industry is wireless audio. It shows that this segment is heavily affected by this amazing technology which revolutionized this decade with its wireless capability.

The report projects that in 2023, 90% of speakers in the market will have capability of Bluetooth. You can understand by this projection how much people are liking this technology in their speakers.

Moreover, the report suggests that these days 50% headphones that are sold in the market has Bluetooth chip inside it and 50% people are still using wired headphones, which is changing rapidly.

Almost 100% mobile phones, tablets, laptops and notebooks are coming equipped with Bluetooth chip. You can guess the demand of Bluetooth from these facts and how it made our lives wire free.

As there is rich demand of Bluetooth in audience, SIG systems is working hard on improving their technology and investing money in their research and development department.

They have announced that in coming a few months they will be releasing a new Bluetooth aurdio architecture probably in h2 2019.

New architecture will have more efficient codec which will result in higher quality playback. Improved and efficient codec will help audio products maker to provide more quality music streaming over Bluetooth. We can say after this release there will be substantial increase in the sound quality of portable speakers and wireless earbuds. Or all the audio related products.

New version will also provide decreased latency which is important for wireless gaming mouse and wireless gaming keyboard. According to them, this will be a game changer and it will bring whole new life to wireless devices that are powered by Bluetooth.

According to announcement we wont be able to see new products equipped with this next generation audio architecture until sometime in 2020.

This new version will be most beneficial for gaming niche because in gaming niche you need low latancy time to reponse. If the response time is higher its not beneficials. And current market products with Bluetooth technology still are not able to compete with wired devices. Lets take an example we were using pubg and our wireless keyboard reponse delay made our gaming experience worse. After the release of this new Bluetooth architecture which possess very low latancy rate we hope it can solve this problem for gaming niche.

Bluetooth is taking over the audio niche and its doing it rapidly. After the release of this new architecture we hope this speed will increase especially in gaming niche products.

Bluetooth Uses, Advantages, & Disadvantages

Bluetooth is important technology these days. Following are the uses of this technology.

Bluetooth is being used in smartwatches and fitness devices to sync health data between smartphones and health devices.

Its being used in data logging equipment that transmit data to computer via Bluetooth.

It is widely being used in computer peripherals to make them wireless. For example, computer mice and keyboards were made wireless because of Bluetooth. These days even Gaming Mice and Gaming Keyboards are being run by Bluetooth that need very low ping transfer rate. Thanks to Latest Bluetooth Chipsets.

Its also being used in WAN Connections.

It is used in PDA’s Personal Device Assistant.

It is also being used in printers to make possible wireless printing experience and get rid of those cables from your desk.

Bluetooth is also being used to transfer data files, images, and videos between devices. Most of people are transferring files between cell phones to share files easily without going through a difficult process.

Laptops and notebooks comes equipped with Bluetooth so you can connect any Bluetooth powered device to them. For example, if you want to connect wireless mouse to your notebook / laptop. While data transfer is also possible.

The major usage of this technology is in audio industry. With the advancement of latest Bluetooth versions, offering higher data transfer rates. Its possible to sync high quality music to a Bluetooth device. Companies have released Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth earphones to connect them with your mobile phones or other devices.

Advantages of Bluetooth

There is not any device available in the market these days which does not come with Bluetooth. The major important advantages are following.

Bluetooth uses less power consumption as compared to other wireless technology that’s the reason its being widely used in mobile device which comes equipped with mobile batteries. And they have limited amount of energy stored in them. For the purpose of saving energy brands are opting for Bluetooth.

It has better range than infrared connection. That’s the reason infrared is limited to remotes or other stuff. While Bluetooth is offering better range. Which means you wont need to stay closer to your target device.

Bluetooth is easily upgradeable as compared to other technologies.

The Bluetooth devices are easily available in lower cost. Because it costs less to the brands to embed in their devices.

Bluetooth is being widely adopted in many fields like cars, audio systems, printers, gps systems, web cams, keyboards, mice, headsets and many more.

There are also some of the disadvantages of this technology which are following.

Bluetooth connection is not much powerful in certain conditions so you can not rely on it completely.

Its security is easily hack able so its safe to say that its not the safest connection for secure networks.

It has limited range maximum of 400 feet which is quite low for certain conditions.

Bluetooth Overview

Bluetooth is one of the most important technology these days. It’s the reason you are able to connect your smartphones to Bluetooth speakers or connect wireless earbuds with smartphones, or you can transfer files wirelessly. Bluetooth revolutionized everything and it’s being used by everyone these days for most of their tech tasks. It’s amazing how it became very popular these days as compared to 20 years ago when it was invented.

Bluetooth was invented by Dr. Jaap Haartsen at Ericsson back in 1994. It was invented for short-range communication and for using less power as compared to other wireless technologies like WiFi and others.

Bluetooth was invented in 1994 and it was not quite popular in consumer products those days. The first phone with Bluetooth was invented in 2001.

The first consumer product was launched in 1999 and it hit the shelves in 2001, It was sony Ericsson t35 phone. It had the capacity of storing 1000 contacts. And had a monochrome display. Other features were also included like wap for the internet.

The first version of Bluetooth was called 1.0. it offered the top transfer rate 721 kbps and the range was only 10 meters. Originally this version was designed for only wireless voice calls that need less data transfer rates, not for music streaming which obviously needs higher transfer rates.

Bluetooth 1.0 was introduced in 1999. Offering maximum connect speed of .7Mbps and maximum 33 Feet Range.

Bluetooth 2.0 was introduced in 2004 with two versions. One was simple 2.0 and the 2nd one was called EDR. Simple 2.0 Bluetooth had a transfer rate of 1Mbps while EDR version had 3Mbps which was quite impressive in that time. The maximum range for this Bluetooth standard was 100 Feet.

Bluetooth took another leap in 2009 releasing Bluetooth 3.0 version also called HS Version. It offered 24 Mbps of peak transfer rate but the wireless range was similar to the older version at 100 feet.

Bluetooth 4.0 + LE was released in 2013, in this version the range was doubled from 100 feet to 200 feet. But speed was lower only 1Mbps. Actually, this version was developed for the purpose of using less energy.

In 2017, Bluetooth 5 was introduced with 800 feet of range and 2Mbps transfer rate.

Wrap up:

Originally Bluetooth was invented to replace RS-232 cables but we must say it transformed our lives with the help of making our most of devices wireless. These days, from gaming mice to music streaming portable speaker everything is using this technology to run. It truly changed how these gadgets worked and helped us to get rid of those cables which were getting wearied off after some time. It has given a new life to computer peripherals. It’s obvious to say there is not any device these days without Bluetooth chip inside it. Laptops, smartphones, computers, tablets, and unlimited more products come equipped with Bluetooth and aren’t considered complete without it.

The most useful for this Bluetooth is transferring data files in short-range, or streaming music to your Bluetooth speakers and many more.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are available in the market for a long time but recently they got a hype in the market and making them popular among people. In the older days, Bluetooth technology was not enough to produce good sound quality. But recently things in Bluetooth are advanced and 4.0 version was introduced giving higher transfer rate, and higher transfer rate data means it has ability to produce greater sound quality on our portable speakers.

It’s the fact that portable speaakers cant compete with the full home audio system but they are still good enough to taking them to campsite, party or some other place where you need your music with yourself.

People are using portable speaker for different uses, most of them are buying these portable Bluetooth speaakers for the purpose of taking them outdoor and enjoy their playlist on the go.

For particular needs, the market provides different kind of speakers in different kind of sizzes for everyones particular needs. We have tested more than 200 portable speakers and selected a few ones which aare best in quality and we think you wont regret buying them. They produces great surround sound, water proof and many more amazin features that you would need.

There are also smart portable Bluetooth speakers available in the market now a days, that can control your whole house connected devices with your voice commands. One of them is amazons echo.

Amazon Echo is a great smart portable Bluetooth speaker comes with various kind of great features that aare beneficial for every consumer, it produces 360 degree sound that fill whole room with its sound to every corner of room, rated with dolby sound you can trust this beast with your eyes closed.

Alexa is the amazons virtual assistant that comes with this device, you can ask alexa to play any song you like from 50 millions songs library of amazon. Or you can ask alexa to turn on lights of your room. Generally you can do anything with the connected devices with the help of alexa.

Anker Sound core flare Bluetooth speaker is another great affordable speaker in the market available. This is the best selling Bluetooth portable speaker available and there are the reason which make this model as one of the best, it produces a great sound quality in very small price, at the moment it costs round about 60 dollars on amazon which is very affordable price tag for such kind of quality speaker. This portable Bluetooth speaker is water proof so you can enjoy music at pool party without the fear of damaging this speaker with water.

There are great looking leds lights which lights according to your music. That makes these speaker great for using in the night time. We would suggest you to that if you are looking for a portable Bluetooth under 100 dollar this one is your best choice.